Frequenty Asked Questions?

Dental health varies from person to person, but the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends adult patients visit a dentist twice a year for routine care, even if their mouth is in excellent condition. This enables patients to maintain a good oral hygiene and professionally cleaned mouth on a regular basis, ensuring that any potential problems are identified early.
It's vital that all adults engage in daily brushing and flossing, but to take your oral hygiene to the next level, follow a handful of particular steps to good dental health. These include:

  • Using products that contain fluoride

  • Limiting snacks and drinks that are high in sugar

  • Eating a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables

  • Avoiding tobacco in any form

Yes. X-rays are a vital piece of your dental exam. This allows the dentist and hygienist to see beyond what is visible with just the eyes such as the roots of the teeth and bone level. Most adult patients have bitewing X-rays at least every 6-12 months and a full mouth series every 3-5 years. However, those with a higher risk for dental caries (tooth decay) or other dental problems should have X-rays done more frequently. Your doctor will recommend the right X-ray schedule for you.
Patients with tooth sensitivity feel pain when they consume items that are hot or cold, sweet or acidic. This comes from thinned tooth enamel, which doesn't protect the tooth pulp or dentin from exposure to extreme temperatures. In some patients, this may be a result of:

  • Receding gums

  • Tooth grinding during sleep

  • Chipped or fractured teeth

  • Tooth whitening

  • Orthodontics and fillings

In order to maintain good oral hygiene, regular dental checkups are vital. Our team of warm, friendly professionals is here to help. Let’s discuss the path to a healthy smile.

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